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Visual Brand Identity
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A visual identity doesn’t stop at having a logo and a color palette defined. Instead, it spreads to the much more profound levels of the brand ecosystem and engulfs the complexity of brand touchpoints that serve your business as a way to present your work, your products, your service, and your ethos. This is why our approach to designing visual identity systems is highly comprehensive and goes well beyond “just a logo.”

It’s not solely the web design that sells your offer.
It’s not exclusively the logo that builds you a community of raving brand advocates.
It’s not solely the beautiful illustrations that make your digital ads effective.

We highly believe that all design decisions have to be informed. Our design process follows this philosophy.

Our expertise

  • brand identity design
  • brand strategy
  • marketing
  • copywriting
  • customer experience
  • design thinking
  • design management
  • business development
  • brand management

The Process

1  Determining the Atlas of your brand. We organize a Brand Discovery workshop with one main goal: to gain an in-depth understanding of your industry, goals, and challenges.

2 Territory exploration. We do our fair share of secondary research and dive deep into the trends and market.

3 Pathfinding. We determine possible ways to approach your brand identity design. What kind of design direction would set your brand apart? What kind of design would put additional emphasis on your unique value proposition? What kind of aesthetic would be a true competitive advantage and an anchor to your customer’s heart?

4 Designing your Atlas, your brand identity, with a strong focus on including all the possible assets that would help your brand take off as soon as possible. A website without assets to market doesn’t bring ROI. An e-book sent to your leads in e-mail automation that does not look like the e-book can do more damage than good. We strive to serve you on all fronts and make your whole brand experience work in your favor.

5 Delivering the cartography. The brand identity guidelines, the additional assets, the complimentary audit, and the road map of your marketing plan which will bring the design assets to life.

Visual identity design services


Like what you see below?

Would you like to have a creative partner by your side that also cares about the functionality of the design, not just aesthetics?

See the example of a bracelet holder we designed and planned in terms of materials, functionality, content, and design to improve the brand experience when unpacking the product.


How long does a project take from start to finish?

Between 2 weeks and 3 months. Depends if we are also developing your website, your marketing assets, working alongside some other subcontractors, etc.

When can you start?

We allow approximately one month between the initial meeting, brand discovery workshop, and final scope of work approvement, followed by signing a contract. Send us an e-mail or contact our founder through LinkedIn and ask us about the availability directly.

What kind of design services do you provide?

We specialize in brand strategy, focusing on strategy, research, marketing, product development, content, UX, CX, and learning experience design. We design all kinds of things – visual identities, websites, social media templates, print materials, packaging, courses, 3D, animations, and so much more.

What kind of aesthetics do you do?

We pride ourselves on having a broad spectrum of aesthetics we can do. Corporate, modern, bold, minimalistic, extravagant, futuristic, you name it. We’ve done it all. We also have many connections with artists and illustrators that we would happily onboard for your project, which means there’s no end to the possibilities.

What industries are you most familiar with?

We are a values-led business, meaning we only take on projects that align with our interests, expertise, and values. Although we have worked with all kinds of industries, our heart lies with brands that focus on sustainability and well-being.

  • Sustainable products
  • Sustainable services
  • Well-being, wellness, and fitness
  • Outdoor services and equipment
  • Personal development, self-care, mental health
  • Food, beverages, and supplements
  • Personal branding for coaches and entrepreneurs
  • Educational products and platforms
  • NGOs

What’s the investment?

Our full-stack brand design pricing packages start at 3.000 €. We’re available for hire for smaller projects as well. So book a call and let us know how we may help.

Meet the founder

Hey, my name is Masha and I am the founder of Atlas Authentica. I’ll be the one to hop on a call with you (or exchange e-mails with you) before meeting the rest of my boutique team of passionate creatives. We are a mindful bunch devoted to crafting impactful, profitable, and human-centric brand strategies, simultaneously striving to make the world a better place.

After getting a BA degree in graphic and interactive communications, I worked as a local marketing representative of Porsche and later on as a lead UX/UI (web) designer for projects of United Nations, more specifically UNCTAD. Both experiences inspired me to take a step back from the corpo world and use that knowledge to help smaller businesses with big missions to help the people, society, and the planet.

Otherwise? A huge advocate for mental health, sustainability, and big portions of curry. A passionate bookworm and a lover of slow, conscious living.

Ready to grow your brand?

Do you feel like your story and your journey are just as meaningful? Do you believe your brand is ready to take the next step and evolve into a more memorable, profitable, and fulfilling experience? Entrust us to enhance your business, let us join you on the journey of brand building.