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Visual identity checklist Notion template

Visual Identity Notion Template

We love using Notion! It’s our favourite tool for project management, CRM, brand management, and even personal things. Clients that we form brand strategies form get a bunch of Notion templates that help them navigate through the world of brand management – everything from brand audits, competitive analysis, touchpoint strategy, communications strategy and so on. Here is a little sneak peek of what working with us looks like in terms of goodies we provide.

Notion Template: Visual Identity

Store all of your assets in one place. Let your whole team have all the necessary elements and guidelines unified, simple, and clear. Your brand can’t afford inconsistency and having a system like this one in place is the best way to tackle that challenge. The template has predefined:

  • Logo usage template
  • Typography template
  • Color palette template
  • Important extra elements template (patterns, illustrations, icons …)
  • Derivates template (posters, business cards, flyers, social media templates …)

We love Notion so much mostly because there are unlimited possibilities to what you can do. Use it according to your needs and adapt it to your brand culture. Most importantly – have fun!

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