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Brand Strategy

Have you ever heard a colleague who runs a business complain about their branding? That’s the thing, having just a logo and a styleguide won’t make your business any more successful than it already is. Pretty shapes and flawless interfaces are a bonus for sure, but the core problem precedes. The business isn’t branded solely through brand identity.

How can we be of service?

Brand Audit

We form brand strategy after a thorough audit of the brand you’re about to (re)design. Our studio forms the strategy based on the insights of all the stakeholders, as well as target audience.


  • Existing material audit (for rolled out brands)
  • Brand core audit (story, philosophy and messaging)
  • Audience audit (analytics)
  • Positioning audit (market and competition)
  • Touchpoint audit (current customer journey)

If your brand has not launched yet and is currently just a concept, this service is dedicated to understanding your business plan.

Brand Strategy

Imagine launching a brand that nobody can connect to, and even worse – nobody needs it. We both know how expensive invalidated business ideas can be. By having a brand strategy in place, you can avoid that black hole.

Each brand strategy is 100% tailor-made. Here are some common components of it:

  • Internal branding (story, mission, vision, values, tagline, …)
  • Communication strategy (how to communicate brand core internally & externally)
  • Positioning strategy through competitive and market analysis
  • Brand as service, product, and a company
  • Customer research
  • Market research


Brand Strategy is worth nothing without execution. In order to implement brand strategy, we provide you with an actionable roadmap for brand growth, containing the necessary steps, rules, guidelines, systems, etc.

Forms of execution:

  • Consulting while you and your team implement the strategy; we train you on how to use the strategic action plan and provide support.
  • Brand agility program; make your strategy and execution agile. Learn more here.

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Brand Audit Workbook

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We’d love to join you on a quest to build the next purpose-driven brand. Can you recognize yourself in the following statements?

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A crucial aspect of your business is giving back, sustainability, or charity.

You and your team value growth mindset, innovation, and idea validation.

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Visual Identity design

Brand Identity

Atlas Authentica connects the most talented designers, illustrators and creatives on board in order to turn your strategy into something tangible through human-first design. Our goal is to let your brand philosophy and values shine through visuals that complement your internal branding, conquer the market, and enchant the customer.

branding + strategy

DIY Branding Consulting Program

This option is perfect for brands in the making, and brands that have creative and/or strategic teams of their own. We’ll guide you through the brand crafting and brand strategy process, but leave the execution to you and your trusted team. We’ll hold weekly meetings to check up on you, review your branding progress, and advise you on your next steps.

Branding consulting diy
agility branding made agile
agile branding

Brand Agility Program

Strategy doesn’t stop with a PDF document. We build brands suited for the current space and time, but our real benefit is that the strategy stays updated and relevant at all times. In this program, our goal is to keep track of how your target audience perceives your brand, how it responds to various marketing activities and business decisions that affect them. By joining our agility program, you ensure your brand learns continuously and grows while doing so, rather than become stagnant. Benefits you receive:

  • 24/7 branding support
  • Quarterly brand audit
  • Monthly brand strategy consulting
  • Annual strategy & innovation workshops

Are we a match?

We wish to work with businesses with whom we share values. Is your business striving to be more sustainable and make the world a better place? Is your innermost purpose to help people and their wellbeing? Are you open-minded, innovation loving, and growth-oriented? Are you ready to validate your ideas before losing money and time over ideas and marketing approaches that don’t work?

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