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Brand Audit Workbook

A tool to make your brand more profitable, memorable, and meaningful.

Contents and benefits

  • (Re)discover brand’s strengths and weaknesses
  • (Re)align your brand with customer expectations
  • (Re)evaluate positioning of your brand
  • (Re)gain clarity and understand exactly what needs to be done afterwards
  • 25 pages
  • Interactive PDF
  • 33 relevant parameters to audit
  • Bonus: competitor analysis worksheet
  • Bonus: brand growth monitoring worksheet
  • Bonus: bi-weekly brand strategy related emails

Free download:
Brand Audit Workbook

Audit your brand workbook
Brand auditing

In case you’d like to incorporate your brand auditing into your Notion company management workspace, you can do that too! This option is especially great if you have a team. Paper gets lost, we forget about PDF files, but a management system is there to stay and remind you it’s time for an audit – be it every quarter or annually.

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